Partouze London’s very first Sex Party Review from a happy punter

I love sex and I love to party, so when I saw a follow on Twitter from Partouze London who were promoting a new kind of sex party for gentlemen, to be held in Mayfair, I was like “hell YES”. A quick visit to their page and from the look of the website, it seemed legit and classy enough, and guess what, I was in London that week on a work venture that would have me only a few minutes tube journey away from Mayfair another “hell YES”.

I rocked up to the house after a cheeky pint in a local pub, dutch courage was needed no matter how confident I might look and sound, this kind of thing always brings out a few nerves. Sex with strangers in front of each other, well it’s not your every day occurence, is it. Sex parties can be great fun however there is always bound to be a little bit of awkwardness between guests in the beginning.

I arrived to a very warm welcome and everyone there seemed polite enough but we were all quite ready to get down to business as the girls were looking so good and my cock was ready for a serious welcome too.

Can I just say that Masked Maya, Tamara Loveset and Miss Natalie Lea are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you ladies for a gangbang out of this world!

I wish I could add a photo of myself here, with two big thumbs up but that would spoil my cover.

If orgies and gangbangs are your thing, I can highly recommend the Partouze London events.

Cheers guys! If I am back in London again sometime, I will most def want to attend another one of your sexy parties.